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 lvl 70 Tauren Warrior

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lvl 70 Tauren Warrior Empty
PostSubject: lvl 70 Tauren Warrior   lvl 70 Tauren Warrior Icon_minitimeThu 6 Sep - 20:32

Character Information

Level: 70
Class: Warrior
Race: Tauren
Professions: Mining,Blacksmithing
- Rare Recipies:
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: yes
Your raiding role: i would like to do damage,but can ofc off-tank if needed. Talent spec:35/23/3 Gear: 363 Strength, 172 Agility, 479 Stamina Armory Link:isent updated, but u can check if u want
Alts: some lowlvls

Real-life Information
iam a 16 year old guy from sweden, i like to play wow and be with friends on my speertime

Name: Linus Mokvist
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Nationality: Sweden
Activity: can play from 15:30-22:00 on weekdays, cuz f school, and 12:00-23:00 on weekends
Information about yourself: have been in the guild new world order for nearly 1,5 years, have exp from full kara, gruul, mag, and void reaver in tempest keep, left nwo to start playing with some friends on other server.
Other: would like to join this guild and do some nice raiding Smile
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Class : Druid
Level : 70
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Character sheet
Role: Healer Healer
Level: 70
Kara: Attuned

lvl 70 Tauren Warrior Empty
PostSubject: Re: lvl 70 Tauren Warrior   lvl 70 Tauren Warrior Icon_minitimeFri 7 Sep - 7:19

Given there are loads of applicants, would you consider respeccing for PvE purposes, leaving Second Wind and such PvP talents out? Because in sosme raids dps has proven to be lacking I want to be careful...
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lvl 70 Tauren Warrior
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