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 [Rhaines] orc warrior

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PostSubject: [Rhaines] orc warrior   Fri 31 Aug - 19:45

Personal information:
Hi there, my name is Martin Poulsen, and I'm 18 years old. I live in
Denmark where i study on the local Gymnasium. I have played WoW for a
pretty long time, all the way back when MC was the top of the line,
can't really remember the patch but anyway, that was as alliance. I
played hunter for as long as i know, untill i rerolled along with
Kenino to the horde side. I just got 70 a little more than a week back,
but besides that i consider my self a good warrior. I can take
critisism, as long its told on a mature fashion, it isn't just flame..
Bottom line I'm a nice guy, or people tell me so

Character information
Class: Warrior
Race: Orc male
Talents: 8/5/48 (protection for 5 man groups)

the talent specc above is great for holding aggro to more than one mob,
and getting minimized damage and maximized healthpoint, for 10 or 25
man raid, it will be 5/5/51, because there is imp thunderclap not

Additional Info
Ask me ingame if i missed anything

Martin 'Rhaines' Poulsen over and out
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: [Rhaines] orc warrior   Fri 31 Aug - 20:00

Could you specify your tanking stats please?

defense, armor, hp, avoidance stats
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[Rhaines] orc warrior
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