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 app:spaazz 70 holy pala

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PostSubject: app:spaazz 70 holy pala   Sun 30 Dec - 16:48

Character Information

Full Nickname:spaazz
Race:blood elf
Professions: -enchanting 373
                   - alchemy 375 (elixer master)
 Rare Recipies: just the normaal one's and some world drop recipe's
Your raiding role: make life much bearable with spamming heals
Talent spec:44/12/5 holy
Gear:-hp:7777                  +healing:1669       19,34% holy crit
        -mana:9633              167 mana regen non combat/50 mana regen in combat 
        stats are unbuffed 
Armory Link:
Alts:-emperorspaz 61 warrior(arms/fury)mazrigos
       -yilvoxe 28 warlock (affli/demo)mazrigos
       -to much other toons on different servers out of boredom,but not playing them atm.

Real-life Information

Name:patrick de koning
Age: 27
Sex: male
Activity: i work in day and night shift,so dependends mostly on the shifts.
              -day shift: work from 6 am-14.30 pm, mostly online after 17.30/18.00 pm till 23/24.00 pm or later with raids
               - night shift: work from 13.00 - 22/23.00pm online in the mornings and  in the evening from 23.00 till 01.00 am.
              - weekends depending on real life stuff.but will arrange that with raid times,so mostly no problems.     
Information about yourself: Please write a little about yourself.: married for 5 years now,work in 2 shifts.
always prepared for raids and on time,willing to learn new encounters.
mostly quit on chat and vent,but if needed will speak Smile and love to joke around from time to time.                           

Previous guilds: (Why did you leave?)-don't break the oath-left because of some stuff in real life.
                                                        -virus -(current guild) nice people in it,but wanna look for a nice raid guild.atm no raid for 4 weeks because people sign and don't show up and more of the stuff  

Raid Experience:kara up to prince and killed nightbane 5 times
Relations in All for One:none
Other: (Any other information you would like us to know about?)not that comes to mind atm                                                                                                                                                                                        
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PostSubject: Re: app:spaazz 70 holy pala   Tue 1 Jan - 23:52

Hi, and happy new year! Please contact either Cralgar, Soori or myself.

Look foward to hearing from you!
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PostSubject: Re: app:spaazz 70 holy pala   Wed 2 Jan - 1:14

I have sent u an ingame mail.
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PostSubject: Re: app:spaazz 70 holy pala   

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app:spaazz 70 holy pala
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