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PostSubject: Apply   Apply Icon_minitimeFri 30 Nov - 1:27

Hi I would love to join ur guild. Here is little info about my char:

Char Info:

Nick: Wahriar
Professions: Blacksmith:351, Mining:271
Raiding Role: DPS (arm speced)
Talent Spec:35/23/3 Arms.
Gear:Ive got 8 epics and the rest is blue gear.Armor 8360 Defence 357 Hp 10414
Armor Link:
Alts : 61 FireMage ,57 Fury Warrior.

Real-Life Info:

Name: Nikola Petrovic
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Nationality: Serbian
Info:Im helping other people if i have time. Im very friendly. Im not kind of busy on the days .This guild have all that i want a guild to have:D

Other Info:

Online Activity:I play maybe 2+ hours a day. I mostly play at 23.00-04.00 but i can be able to play from 16.00+ if its important.
Previous Guild: I dont remember the name of my previous guild but it was a pvp guild. I left the guild because it was mostly inactive and I want a Active guild.
Raid Experience:I havent play so much Instances. I have only played TK instances. I mostly play pvp because i never find groups.
Relations: I dont have any relations in this guild. I only saw a Message about this guild and i wanted to join:D
Other: I got 4/5 heroic keys.
Hope i can join ur guild Cya
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PostSubject: Re: Apply   Apply Icon_minitimeFri 30 Nov - 7:51

The armory link I found :
It seems it's not updated...it says u're Furry specced Sad

I hope u know that this is a PVE guild....this doesn't mean that u can't PVP, but pur main focus is raiding.
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PostSubject: Re: Apply   Apply Icon_minitimeFri 30 Nov - 13:05

Meow PvP epics won't make any good in PvE except a weapon or 2 cause of the dps. This because PvP epics focus a lot on your survival instead of crit and most importantly hit rating! Surprised

gear up a little and then we'll talk and see the guild situation! Smile

Good luck and stuff! Surprised
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PostSubject: Re: Apply   Apply Icon_minitime

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