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 General raid rules

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General raid rules Empty
PostSubject: General raid rules   General raid rules Icon_minitimeSun 25 Nov - 11:43

  • Signed up people will allways have priority to join the raid.

  • You must be online and ready at least 30 minutes before the raid start. If for any reason you will be late for the raid or you will need to leave early, please inform the raid leader or any other officer.

  • At raid starting hour you have to be in front of the location where we raid that day. With no exception.

  • Follow the Raid Leader instructions in any way.

  • Be responsive and pay attention to information given in raid channel and teamspeak.

  • Join always prepared. This means 100% durabiliy and bring bandages, food and drink, reagents, lots of potions etc.

  • Know tactics for the boss encounters. (Read the thread, strategy guides for instances, on forums)

  • Make sure that all the required addons are installed, up to date and working. (CT Raid Assist, Deadly Boss Mods (La Vendetta), Decursive, ThreatMeter, etc).

  • Have fun guys in the group and always remember that a wipe is not the end of the world. We will wipe a lot during our learning stages. Say sorry if you make a mistake, this will give the guild a good reputation with other guilds and players. Rules in a high end instance are harder than we would like to be...but we think you can all understand the reasons.[/size]
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General raid rules
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