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 Raid Behavior

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Raid Behavior Empty
PostSubject: Raid Behavior   Raid Behavior Icon_minitimeSun 25 Nov - 11:35

  • Stay within the main group. This applies to everyone who doesn't have a pre-assigned role. Don't loiter or get ahead of the MT / Puller.

  • Assign all special roles and stick to them. Some raids will require a dedicated puller or MT. Don't play Chuck Norris and screw with the role assignments.

  • Listen to instructions. Some starts require considerable coordination. A single person out of place or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time can wipe an entire raid.

  • Keep channels clear during pulls. Banter and witty discussions are the great part of every raid. But during pulls, everyone can coordinate better if the voice / chat channels are uncluttered.
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Raid Behavior
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