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 Penalty System

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PostSubject: Penalty System   Penalty System Icon_minitimeSun 25 Nov - 11:29

Coming up with a fair system to disipline those who failed to show up to a raid or break the rules within a raid is difficult, but the officers have decided upon this system. Mistakes happen in raids, people get annoyed, people get wrapped up in combat and don't see orders and people forget to show up, these are all fine so long as they don't leave any bitterness or cause any future problems. Explain yourself and apologise and there will be no hard feelings.

Such things that might deal you with a penalty of some sort are the following:

  • Failing to show up to a raid that you signed up to and did not give any notice (if it happens many times)
  • Being rude, ignoring orders, not roleplaying or failing to do what is considered best for the Raid (i.e. a Druid being asked to heal but not doing so).
  • Causing drama on any level, spamming raid chat, etc.
  • Any distruptive behaviour or bad attitude will result in you facing the penalty system.

The levels of the penalty system are as follows:

I) Private Warning.

The raid member will be given a maximum of 2 private warnings over a /tell by his or her Guildmaster or the Raid Leader. Do not mistake this with being asked to do something inparticular (i.e. "Rogue, keep that mob stunlocked!" or "Please heal during this boss fight, Druid" ) if you are breaking the rules in some way, those giving the warning will tell you straight about it.

II) Public Warning.

The raid member will be given one public warning over guild and/or raid chat by his or her Guildmaster or Raid Leader questioning their actions if the private warnings did not halt their disruptive behaviour. The public warning will ask them to keep 'hold their tongue' or 'do as they're told' etc, depending on the situation.

III) Loss of Raid Opportunity.

The raid member will be barred from coming to a particular raid (or raids) because of their behaviour or lack of reliability. After this ban, the raid member will be allowed back into the raids as normal, unless the behaviour persists.

IV) Banned from Raiding.

The raid member will be disallowed to join any raid organised by All for one for a predetermined amount of time.

V) Removal from the Community

Should the raid member be continually causing drama, being rude and causing severe problems they must be dealt with to avoid future problems among the community. Hopefully it will never come down to this, but should the problems persist, the All for one leaders will decide together to remove this person from their guild and the entire community.

Apologising for your actions, resolving issues with particular members, doing what's best for the raid and doing what you're asked to do will prevent you from falling deeper and deeper down the penalty system. This is to avoid bitterness and a bad feeling amongst community members. We will never get anywhere if we are at each other's throats!
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Penalty System
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