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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules Icon_minitimeSun 25 Nov - 11:10

Our basics are: Progress, Have Fun, Help Others, No Drama, No Greed, No Politics.

To make the game enjoyable to all certain principles must be upheld.

1. Be Respectful

We all play to have fun. Do not steal or grief another player over loot, runs, etc. Treat others the way you want to be treated. You represent not only yourself but the guild on this server so treat EVERYONE with respect.

WTF. For the most part we are all adults in this guild, but please be respectful that some are offended by certain language. Be respectful and limit foul language in vent. This rule does not apply toward guild chat, however please remember that others may be offended and we strive to respect everyone.

All guild members are expected to treat each other with the utmost respect. Discrimination based on sex(ual preference), race, religion, ... or any other form of abuse will not be tolerated, neither ingame or on the forum.

2. Raiding Guild

Although many of us have alts, this guild is not a leveling guild. Members are to be respectful of others time in-game and can assist others with runs and quests at their leisure, but is not and should not be expected. Do not badger, pester, or harass another player to help you level your alts. But if both parties agree, go out and have some fun!

As does every other raiding guild, All for One has a set of rules regarding loot distribution. These rules are posted on forum - all guild members are expected to have read them and understand them. There will be no discussion during or after raids regarding loot distribution. If you have a suggestion to make on this subject, please contact one of the officers who then will take it up with the rest of the officers.

While raiding we require a few addons to be installed, as well as the use of Teamspeak. Be sure to have all required addons and Teamspeak installed. It is not neccesary tohaveamicrophone if you don`t want to speak, but is neccesary that you hear us.

3. Real Life Happens

We recognize that real life happens and sometimes you are unable to play. If you will be away for an expended period of time, please inform the leadership so they can make a note and you will not be removed. Otherwise, accounts that have not been logged onto for 10 days will be dropped from the guild regardless of if it is an alt or not.

4. No Drama

Drama is not tolerated, Period. If you have a problem with another player you are expected to work it out or move on. Placing anyone on /ignore is never acceptable and will be dealt with quickly. Everyone has bad days, makes poor judgments, or slips from time to time. Give everyone a measure of grace and move on. If there is a constant issue, YOU are expected to contact leadership to help you work it out.

Reporting problems - In the event that you should have a problem with any guild member (GM, officer or 'regular' guild member), please report it to your class leader or any other officer who will then take it up with the other officers. Do not start discussing these issues in guild chat as that tends to get very nasty very quickly. If possible, send the officer(s) a few screenshots to back up your claim. If the complaints come piling in about this particular member's behaviour, they will face the penalty system.

5. Toon Play

Although many of us are skilled at playing multiple classes, when raiding or running an instance, YOU are expected to play your toon. When not raiding its ok if your little brother, sister, aunt, or cousin plays your toon, but also remember that their actions reflect you and they could do something that you will be held accountable for. If there is a growing issue with others causing problems while playing your account you will be given one warning. If it happens again you will be removed from the guild.

6. Alts

To keep us together also when leveling an alt we have made another guild especially for them Allts for one. For further information you can ask any member of All for one.

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General Rules
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