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 Guild Ranks

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PostSubject: Guild Ranks   Guild Ranks Icon_minitimeWed 21 Nov - 16:57

Hierarchy and decision-taking mechanism

The guild is leaded by its Guild Master (Queen), Deputy guild leaders (Regents) and Class Leaders (Dukes). Ranking in All for One is at follows:

  • Squire a new recruited member on trial
  • Musketeer a member who has passed a trial and can raid Kara. Also alts are included in this category
  • Knight a member who has been/is raiding Kara and can hold there own with other knights
  • Cardinal- a Gruul ready player. He must be active in game, guild and forum
  • Baron - a Cardinal that proved himself in many situations to be reliable, helpful, experienced. His opinion is valuable to guild and will be consulted in important matters
  • Duke - Class leaders (one for each class) - a member that gathers all of the above and can, more than that to offer guidance and help to members of the same class
  • Regent - Deputy guild leaders (3) - The GMs main officers, advisors
  • Queen - (unique) guild master
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Guild Ranks
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