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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction Icon_minitimeWed 21 Nov - 16:49

Welcome to All for One raiding guild. If you read this message it means either you are a member of this guild, or you are interested in joining it which in both cases we suggest you take a time to lecture this post to its end so you know what to expect in the future.

All for One is represented by its members. This means you are considered to be a member of All for One when you take an active part in the guild, join in events, group with other members on a fairly regular basis, help others with quests, doing what you can to help the entire guild to progress and reach its aims. That does not exclude soloing, grouping with others, or not jumping in to helping every person who asks. It is about finding the right balance to benefit you and the guild.

Never forget that you carry the All for One name above your head at all times and that every action you take may be interpreted as a guild action. Therefore you would want to conduct your behavior in a manner that will earn respect from your fellow players. On the other hand, always keep in mind that WoW is a game. Letís just play it and have fun!

All for one is a Progressing Raiding Guild that raids on a regular weekly schedule, 4nights a week for 3-4 hours a night. Because of that we expect our members to know their class and role and be prepared with consumables to help enhance their performance in the raid. We'd rather have a more skilled and prepared member base that can conquer content in a shorter amount of time because we're paying attention and giving it our all as opposed to raiding twice as much. We are focused on accomplishing more in less time with quality over quantity. Our goal is to maximize our gaming experience while online so that we can have fun both in our personal and gaming life.
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