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 70 Undead rogue

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PostSubject: 70 Undead rogue   70 Undead rogue Icon_minitimeTue 20 Nov - 21:47

Character Information

Full Nickname:
Level: 70
Class: Rogue
Race: Undead
Professions: Enchanter (375) Skinning (375)
- Rare Recipies: ye... a bit
Your raiding role: DPS of cause Razz

Talent spec: [15/0/46]
Gear: Almost full epic. 1754 AP, 220 hit rating, 23.11% crit chance, 8194 life... (Its right now, I have other gear in bank)
Armory Link:
Alts: Wiseco (18 BF warlock)

Real-life Information

Name: Flemming Hou
Age: 15
Sex: male
Nationality: Denamrk
Activity: This is a problem. I can only raid in the weekend cause i'm in school Sad

Information about yourself: I have a brother in this guild. His name is Razzow and thats the reason i want to get in Smile

Other Information: (Anything other that you want to mention?)

Previous guilds: The Promise of Pain. I leaved cause the guild is on Al' akir and i swithed to Mazrigos

Raid Experience: can all kara bosses.
Relations in All for One: My brother. Razzow (70 undead Priest)
Other: I'm switched to this guild from Al' akir so i like to have a good guild and my brother says this is very good. so i hope i can come in.

Bye from here.

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Character sheet
Role: Healer Healer
Level: 70
Kara: Attuned

70 Undead rogue Empty
PostSubject: Re: 70 Undead rogue   70 Undead rogue Icon_minitimeTue 20 Nov - 21:52

First of all shadowstep rogues won't get to raid!

Secondly, we raid mainly during week days.

Lastly rogues are full atm.

Please try again later with a combat-ish spec and when yschool is no longer a problem. Good luck to you.
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70 Undead rogue
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