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 70 undead rogue apply

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PostSubject: 70 undead rogue apply   70 undead rogue apply Icon_minitimeSun 18 Nov - 22:11

Full Nickname: Krypton
Class: Rogue
Race: Undead
Professions: 375 herb, 375 alchemyst. transmuter!
Rare Recipies: 2 meta, primal might, and some other primal transmutes Smile
Your raiding role: DPS
Talent spec: 15/41/5 (combat daggers) atm, want to specc combat swords to make more dmg.
Gear:7 epiq, 9 blue, 2 green. 1 green thrown(not that good) :s and one trinket ( not that bad)
Armory Link:
Alts: 20 lock.

Real-life Information

Name: Håvard
Age: 18
Sex: male
Nationality: Norge
Activity: Im online much from when i get up in the morning ( done from work) weekends 12,00 untill i get tired and go to bed ( i do ofc eat dinner and etc). monday- friday 17,00 - ass long as im needed!
Information about yourself: Im a nice guy, i dont ninja or that kind of stuff. im not rude against other players ( but i can if they are rude to me :p ) I loce PvE.

Other Information: hm no. cant think of any now atm.

Previous guilds: ROM, typisk norsk, dopeland, and now arctic. i`ve left them because they are not enough active.
Raid Experience: Karazhan expirience i got alot of.
Relations in All for One: hm not much, played a bit with Belo.
Other: No.
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Character sheet
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Kara: Attuned

70 undead rogue apply Empty
PostSubject: Re: 70 undead rogue apply   70 undead rogue apply Icon_minitimeMon 19 Nov - 9:40

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70 undead rogue apply
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