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 I want back!

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PostSubject: I want back!   Mon 12 Nov - 21:23

Well here it comes once more Smile

Name: nissehult

Class: Hunter

Race: Troll

Kara pre-q done?: YES

Specc: BM

AP: 1615

Crit: 21.64

Hit: 115//dont ask about it ;P

Special recipe: nothing special just cloak of darkness

other info

IR name: Pontus

Sex: male

Age: 15

Other: Well i think i'm a nice guy Razz who like to play wow:D

Raid xp: Kara exalted so i know it very well.

do know anyone in all41: I think i know everyone Razz

ps// sorry about leaving :/
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Class : hunter
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PostSubject: Re: I want back!   Mon 12 Nov - 21:27

i say inv him back in, he is a nice d00d and very fun to play with, also skilled Smile
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PostSubject: Re: I want back!   Mon 12 Nov - 21:32

im will agree with Thehuntard. but im noth a officer xD
he's swedish

öj hoppas du kommer in i guilden igen då kan vi ha kul ;D*blink*
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PostSubject: Re: I want back!   Mon 12 Nov - 22:46

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PostSubject: Re: I want back!   

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I want back!
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