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 bring 70 rogue

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PostSubject: bring 70 rogue   bring 70 rogue Icon_minitimeSun 14 Oct - 17:54

Nick: Bring
Level: 70
Class: rogue
Race: undead
Professions: (ex. mining/JC)
- Rare Recipies: guess they are not really rare, but i have a few blue and meta recipies
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: yes
Your raiding role: as you guys know i am a rogue, i know all encounters up to SSC, so i don't think i would be a pain in the raids.
Talent spec: (atm i am 15/46/0) i am sword combat specced.
i have decent gear i guess for not spending that much time i karazhan,
my attackpower is 1550 atm, with a 22.5% chance cirtt, i also have
decent hitrating for my gear (190)
Armory Link:http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Mazrigos&n=Bring
Alts: actually this is my alt.

Real-life Information

Name: Fredrik
Age: 17
Sex: male
Nationality: swedish
i guess it depends really, im currently raiding abit with my main
charcater which is a warlock on a diffrent realm, but i guess i have
the weekends and wensdays free, and most likey some other days during
the week.
Information about yourself: here goes, my
name is fredrik im from sweden im studying atm, i play wow when i can
other then that i just hang around with my friends i guess.

Previous guilds: (not really any guild on this realm, i migrated here becouse my friends played here?)
Raid Experience: (ive done all bosses up to fathom lord in SSC)
Relations: no i don't
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Character sheet
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Level: 70
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bring 70 rogue Empty
PostSubject: Re: bring 70 rogue   bring 70 rogue Icon_minitimeMon 15 Oct - 4:19

We would like to see someon who can raid with us often and during week days I'm affraid.
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bring 70 rogue
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