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 Eaglessoul, Lvl 70 Resto Shaman (AGAIN ^_^)

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PostSubject: Eaglessoul, Lvl 70 Resto Shaman (AGAIN ^_^)   Sat 13 Oct - 19:10

First I like to say sry for the fact that it has taken me this long to get more +healing and stuff, but heres my "new" application, and I gotta admit my gear isn't still the best preraid gear there is but I think that if I can manage to keep my group alive in BM with 3 portals open (Aenus and 2 normal portals) at the same time with a noob warlock who doesn't know whats overaggroing or a threat meter im ready to go in Kara. But, to my application. I copypasted it from the last time I did the application, but I change the stuff that is in need of changing.

Character Information

Nick: Eaglesoul
Level: 70
Class: Shaman
Race: Tauren
Professions: Herbalism 390/Alchemy 370, Elixir Master
- Rare Recipies: Fel mana/healing potions, but I think they suck but I'll be happy to make them if any1 wants some
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: Yes, been there, done that
Your raiding role: I'm resto specced so healing would be appreciated job for me in raids Very Happy
Talent spec: 0/5/56 resto shammie
My stats are: 5574 hp, 7442 mana, 917 bonus healing, 292 bonus damage.
My intellect is 294 and my spirit is 130 and I've got 94 mana/5 while casting. I've gotten rid of some stamina and gotten a bit of +healing and mana/5, trying to improve those all the time to be even better tho.
Armory Link
My lvl 37 (?) Druid named Eaglehoof and a lvl 12 Rogue named Gänkkeri

Real-life Information

Name: Toni
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Nationality: Finnish
Activity: I play almost every day, play time usually between 30 minutes to several hours
Information about yourself: My
whole name is Toni Mansikka (Mansikka is finnish and means strawberry
^_^), I live in Helsinki and I go to school in Helsinki Business
College and I'm going my second year there. My hobby is to play
wow and watch bad action movies (usually starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
or Chuck Norris) with my friends and I also coach salibandy and go to a little acting thingy whenever I have time on mondays.

Other: I work
in a hamburger restaurant and I mostly have evening shifts but I try
always to come as fast as possible home so that I can play and see
friends in MSN a moment before I go to sleep. Nowadays I have only 3 shifts a week and usually fridays and saturdays and random. Tuesdays are always free after 6pm --->
Other Information

Previous guilds: I've
been in several guilds, and I've never left there myself, usually I've
been kicked for no reason whatsoever and a few of my guilds have been
Raid Experience: Been once in a ZG raid but thats all and it wasn't really a raid, we just went there killed a few bosses and left,but I always wanted to raid, and I love the "feeling" of raids/instances
Relations: A classmate of mine plays in your guild named Elämäonihq
I'm looking for an active guild that runs high level instances and does
raids, and I hope that this guild would be one. I do NOT want to raid
for gear, I want to raid because of the raid and the thrill of raiding. But gear is always a plus Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Eaglessoul, Lvl 70 Resto Shaman (AGAIN ^_^)   Sat 13 Oct - 19:12

omg, typoed the topic name :S.

Still once more, sry for taking so long, PUG:s just don't work Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Eaglessoul, Lvl 70 Resto Shaman (AGAIN ^_^)   Sat 13 Oct - 19:28

Sry about triple posting, but I can't edit my post, so I need to post again...

The reason I'm doing my application this "early" is that you guys told me that after I have at least 900 +healing you would take me in the guild, but Im not sure myself if I got enough +healing... I know I can manage but still im doubting myself... but hell, we'll see after the first answer.

And btw when I was doing the application my armory page wasn't updated yet, so it may be out of date.
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PostSubject: Re: Eaglessoul, Lvl 70 Resto Shaman (AGAIN ^_^)   Sun 14 Oct - 0:15

Hey m8,iv'e been watching your armory and read your apply ur seems like good player but not enough well geared to get in kara.you must have atleast 1000-1050+healing to get in our guild + you. your stamina is to low either.
I'd say like that: get some veterans,buy enchant that can improve your stuff by healing and stamina.

/w me in game when you think that your ready
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PostSubject: Re: Eaglessoul, Lvl 70 Resto Shaman (AGAIN ^_^)   

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Eaglessoul, Lvl 70 Resto Shaman (AGAIN ^_^)
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