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 Resto drood applying

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PostSubject: Resto drood applying   Sat 15 Sep - 17:35

Hello there!
I'm 16 years old and i come from Slovenia. I'm playing
wow for a year now. I started on private servers but now i play drood
on offical
realms. I love it! i think my english is pretty good and there won't be
much problem with it.


Hm i'm resto drod with 1.5k +healing. I raided and
cleared kharazan, grull and tried maghteridon and void reaver , which i have tried only once. In
generaly i know bosses.

Have all heroic keys. I have herbalisem and alchemy

What to say about my talentbuild...hm well it's a basic resto build...i
have compared it to other resto droods and it's very similar

I'm a player who doesn't mind viping and want's only the best for the
guild. I learn fast. I had 2 serious guild Iluzija but there just wasnt enough people to raid anything
else then khara and guild fell apart. I have to say i'm real sory.
The second guild is Bloody core. I have many friends there but they stopped playing.

I would like to join your guild and make progress with it. I just <3
PVE. I'm a team player and prepare to help guildies at any times. I know how to play and won't disapoint you.

Hope my aplication is allright and i would start to raid with you soon

EHm ye i can use ventrilo for raids.
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PostSubject: Re: Resto drood applying   Sun 16 Sep - 6:26

Guests can't post links. Only after you been approved to forum you can. So I made it for you. Thanks for applying. We will consider

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PostSubject: Re: Resto drood applying   Tue 18 Sep - 18:45

Please wisper me ingame for a chat.
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PostSubject: Re: Resto drood applying   

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Resto drood applying
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