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 Ench Shaman application

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PostSubject: Ench Shaman application   Ench Shaman application Icon_minitimeSun 2 Sep - 0:38

Character Information

Nick: Soossi
Level: 70 (of course)
Class: Shaman
Race: Orc
Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking
- Rare Recipies: None, cause my LW is only like 340 Razz
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: Of course
Your raiding role: I was kinda hoping i could do DPS, even thought my gear is not yet suited for it.
Talent spec: 0/42/19 (Ench/offhealer spec)
Gear: 974 AP, yes i know its low, but im gonna work my butt off to improve it.
Armory Link:
Alts: I have a lvl 49 Orc warrior, wich i play quite a lot. Of course it wont come in the way of anything, if im playing on my warrior and im called in for a raid, i'll ofcourse come!

Real-life Information

Name: Tero Leinonen
Age: 15, soon 16
Sex: Male
Activity: I play everyday, for about 3-6 hours. More when im raiding of course
Information about yourself: Well, im a fat, nerdy little kid from finland that just likes to play videogames. Mostly WoW of course Very Happy

Other: Nothing specific
Other Information

Previous guilds:
Helvetin perkeleet (They thought i was slacking (went for a 10 minute BRB once Very Happy. Of course that will never happen again)
NoLife (Loved the guild, but they migrated to Karazhan server)
Raid Experience: I've done every boss in kara and i've done every boss in Gruuls lair. Then i went PvP (ench) Very Happy
Relations: Im not sure if it counts, but i did a Old Hillsbrad with Bladeskilled, Tatavostru, Babyball and Pacala. Im not sure if they will "vouch" for me, but i really liked them ^^. Nice bunch, all knew what they where doing and everyone was really polite. I hope you others are aswell Smile
Other: Well, I have played WoW since it was released, i have allmost full epic resto gear (but i aint healing!), I'm atleast trying to get better ench gear (hope you guys could help me with that, come to instances and stuff like that Smile, And i have a huge penis!

Peace out, homies!
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Character sheet
Role: Healer Healer
Level: 70
Kara: Attuned

Ench Shaman application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ench Shaman application   Ench Shaman application Icon_minitimeSun 2 Sep - 17:22

Why oh why did you add infoormation about your genitals? We do have sensitive female players in our guild you know.

Also we're not really looking for another member to carry through kara until they get good enough gear to be of use. We need dps just as much as anything to progress, and we wanna progress!

Please apply again when you'd say your gear is kara ready.
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Ench Shaman application
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