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 Khazad 70 Warlock

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PostSubject: Khazad 70 Warlock   Khazad 70 Warlock Icon_minitimeWed 29 Aug - 18:55

Character Information

Level: 70
Class: Warlock
Race: Blood elf
Professions: tailoring / enchanting
- Rare Recipies: got both battlecast recipies
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: yes
Your raiding role: Im dps

Talent spec: 41/5/15
Gear: couldn’t get the armory working here so Ill just write in the basics:

8740 hp 732 shadow dmg
7435 mana 49 hit rating

Alts: Also got a 70 priest and a 16 rouge Razz

Real-life Information


Age: 16

Sex: male
Nationality: Norwegian
Activity: depends, online often at most time when I am not a school
Other: I can respecc if needed

Previous guilds: Prophets, Talent. Left because some raiding issues and Talent got disbanded.
Raid Experience: kara, Gruul from BC and ZG, MC pre bc
Relations: Dressing/Prikkedøden
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Khazad 70 Warlock
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