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 Sylas, Restoration Shaman Application

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Sylas, Restoration Shaman Application Empty
PostSubject: Sylas, Restoration Shaman Application   Sylas, Restoration Shaman Application Icon_minitimeSun 26 Aug - 13:07

Nick: Sylas
Level: 70
Class: Shaman
Race: Troll
Professions: 375 Mining and 364 Enchanting
- Rare Recipies: Lifestealing, Crusader, Major intellect on weapon, Fortitude etc
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: Yes
Your raiding role: Healing
Talent spec: 0/5/56 Restoration
Gear: +1241 Healing, 470 intellect( I have 10k+ mana in total) 409 stamina(7k hp unbuffed)
Armory Link
Alts: None at the moment but I'm planning on starting a warlock.

Real-life Information

Name: Jason
Age: 17
Sex: M
Nationality: South African
Activity: I'm on every night on the weekends( sometimes not because of prior commitments) and some week nights
Information about yourself: I really enjoy the guild atmosphere in WoW, where people can come on from all over the world and work as a team to defeat difficult challenges. I like to have fun in raids and appreciate a bit of casual talk but I also know when its time to knuckle down and focus. Also I'm from Africa so I can tell you all my stories about riding elephants to school etc Laughing

Previous guilds: Dark Reign, Frozen Fire, Reality, Hostile. I left because like most guilds, the leadership was very poor which allowed the guild to slowly fall apart until it was disbanded.
Raid Experience: I have plenty of Kara experience and have done Gruul's once or twice.
Relations: Well I haven't put the memberlist under much scrutiny yet but I'm positive there a few members who know me.
Other: I have a dog Razz
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Character sheet
Role: Healer Healer
Level: 70
Kara: Attuned

Sylas, Restoration Shaman Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sylas, Restoration Shaman Application   Sylas, Restoration Shaman Application Icon_minitimeSun 26 Aug - 13:16

We do most of our raiding during week days, and not in the weekends. We raid from 20:00 - 00:00 game time. Can you manage those time?

(The elephant stories bought my vote!)
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Sylas, Restoration Shaman Application
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