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 yeye... [Rejected]

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PostSubject: yeye... [Rejected]   yeye... [Rejected] Icon_minitimeSat 25 Aug - 19:39

Character Information

Nick: warim
Level: 70
Class: shaman
Race: orc
Professions: (ex. herbalism/alchemy) Lw/skinning
- Rare Recipies: none
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: Ofc
Your raiding role: (are you tanking, healing or making the job for either of those two a pain? ;P) Heal bot
Talent spec: (10/48/3 firemage, or whatever you might be) Resto
Gear: (here you need to specify our stats - spelldmage/intellect for a mage or armor/defense/hp for a tank) my lock is full epic but my shaman is half
Armory Link: sit is down
Alts: sacrificer

Real-life Information

Name: kristian
Age: 15
Sex: Man
Nationality: middel of no where
Activity: (How often do you play, and for how long?) i come to raids and i come prepaird... so its good enough
Information about yourself: Please write a little about yourself. im a 15 year old boy living in the middel of no where ( faroe island ) north atlant

Other: (Anything other that you want to mention?) not realy
Other Information not realy

Previous guilds: (Why did you leave?) Bloody core / reality / hostíle
Raid Experience: (Kara, Gruul's etc) Kara Gruul Mag Void
Relations: (Do you know anyone in All For One? Can anyone vouch for you?) donno prob all;p
Other: (Any other information you would like us to know about?) donno

This is not world best apply but you just tole me to apply:) i mean if you want me to say all like im pro then its alright...but still
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PostSubject: Re: yeye... [Rejected]   yeye... [Rejected] Icon_minitimeSat 25 Aug - 22:19

Hey. Thank you for your application.

While your experience and gear is good, I am sorry to inform you that you don't seem like the guy we want to fill out the current shaman spot. Best of luck finding a guild which suites you!

- Buff
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yeye... [Rejected]
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