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 Apply II

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PostSubject: Apply II   Apply II Icon_minitimeMon 20 Aug - 15:29

Nick: Monoxide
Level: 70
Class: Hunter
Race: Orc
Professions: Leathworking/skinning
- Rare Recipies: None atm
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?:Yes
Your raiding role: Dps
Talent spec: 0/20/41 Survival
Gear: 1500~attack power, 29~50% critt, 398 agility, 10250 hp&6932 mana.
Armory Link
Alts: 39 rogue, 31 warrior

Real-life Information

Name: Fredrik
Age: 16
Sex: Man
Nationality: Sweden
Activity: 5-6h a day. More on weekends.
Information about yourself: A friendly guy who wants to join a good guild.

Other: (Anything other that you want to mention?)
Other Information Can speak swedish, english&spanish.

Previous guilds: The rose: it got disbanded.
Raid Experience: Mostly Karazhan.
Relations: Rigamortis
Other: Couldn't use the nick "Monoxide" due to some bug.
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PostSubject: Re: Apply II   Apply II Icon_minitimeMon 20 Aug - 15:30

Armory link didn't work, sorry.
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Apply II
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