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 Juztin 70 Warlock

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Juztin [

PostSubject: Juztin 70 Warlock   Wed 15 Aug - 13:02

Aplication Sheet

Character Information

Nick: Juztin
Level: 70
Class: Warlock
Race: Undead
Professions: Alchemy, Herbalism

Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: yes ofc i did it Razz
Gear: i gear is good blue items whit some epics check out armory for more info : http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Mazrigos&n=Juztin
Alts: i have a lvl 5 paladin Juzz (dont think ill level it soon)

Real-life Information

Name: Nestor Juztin
Age: 18
Sex: M
Nationality: Ro
Other: Anything other that you want to mention?

Other Information

Previous guilds (Why did you leave?): Reality...lots of guild members quit it because of officers...and the guild is disban i think...
Raid Experience (Kara, Gruul's etc) : kara....lots of gruul, and some voidreaver...i`m a fast learner ..and willing to go far whit raiding Smile
Relations: i dont know enyone, but hope to get to know u Razz
Other: i`m active, social, friendly, and quite good whit my warlock ^^

Hope to hear from u soon ! cya
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Juztin 70 Warlock
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