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 Apply, 70 druid

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PostSubject: Apply, 70 druid   Apply, 70 druid Icon_minitimeTue 14 Aug - 9:28

Hi, i wan't to start with a short wow-history of mine.
.. I started played Wow about 1 and a half year ago, where i started a hunter on the server Sunstrider EU. I lv'ed to 60 about 4 months before TBC. I got some experience in alot of diffrent guilds. I was in both really slacky and others was really progressive, maybe too progressive..
But i learned that I need to find a guild that have fun in the guildchat, and be serious the hours in the raid.
Then tbc came and a lv'ed to 70 and got my Kara-key, but i only killed attumen with my guild. Then i got hacked and the shithead sold all my gear to a vendor. When i got my gear back from a gamemaster, i had lost the sprit of hunters. In the 3 week without gear i had lv'ed my druid to about 40 i believe and from now on, the druid was my main char.
Now I am 70 and have been attuned to Kara for a while, nad i have been in there a few times, but my guild is a bit too slacky.
And i'm afraid if something do not happen i won't be able to keep the fun in Wow anymore.

How much more can there be said there? xD

Character Information:

Level: 70
Class: druid

Specc: Feral (0/48/13)
Race: tauren (female ftw Very Happy)
Professions: (ex. herbalism/alchemy) I got skinning (375) and leatherworking, but i have to skill leatherworking like i did on my hunter, so i think i soon take enchating or herbalism as the other prof.
- Rare Recipies: None
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: Ofc
Gear: What kind of gear are you running around in, mostly green/blue/purple? Works fine with a ''Armory link'' or any other way to find more about your gear.

I got 3 epic's but next week i can get arena gloves, else i'm full blue.

Alts: Level 70 hunter (sunstrider) and 12 Priest, LOL

Real-life Information

Name: Jeppe
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Nationality: Denmark
Other: Anything other that you want to mention?

Other Information

Previous guilds (Why did you leave?): I am in Dark reign right now but i think about leaving because there is too many raids missed because of slackers.

Raid Experience (Kara, Gruul's etc) : Kara on both hunter and druid.

Relations: Do you know anyone in All For One? I know Tavatostru ( i have lv'ed a bit with him, and Djoole, lv'ed and played arena with him.

Other: Any other information you would like us to know about? I will be able to do raid's most Tuesday, Wednesday, and in the weekends, because of school, i cant do other days.

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Apply, 70 druid Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apply, 70 druid   Apply, 70 druid Icon_minitimeTue 14 Aug - 10:48

The druid role as feral is mainly tanking and off-dpsing as you might know. Your spec works well for this, but there needs to be a specification of your tanking gear and also your thoughts about tanking.

You will need 20k+ armor, 415+ defense and lotsa HP/dodge. Either contact me or Buff ingame or post a reply here with some specifications on that.

Otherwise nice application!

(I'm not the druid CL. I just like to stick my nose in stuff. Buff is your man really... and what a man!)
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Apply, 70 druid
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