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 Mage (Zegis) Aplly

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Mage (Zegis) Aplly Empty
PostSubject: Mage (Zegis) Aplly   Mage (Zegis) Aplly Icon_minitimeSat 11 Aug - 14:52

Nick: Zegis
Level: 70
Class: Mage
Race: Troll
Professions: (ex. herbalism/alchemy) Tailor
- Rare Recipies:
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: Yes!
Alts: Sold my 70 priest rescently! almost full epic! 52 rouge atm

Real-life Information

Name: David Segerfeldt
Age: 16
Sex: Man
Nationality: Sweden
Other: Very active and intressting in joining this guild

Other Information

Previous guilds (Why did you leave?): No real ones! Want to have a serious guild thats why!
Raid Experience (Kara, Gruul's etc) : Fully done kara and gruul with my priest before this char!
Relations: Do you know anyone in All For One?I know nyberrgo the priest!
Other: Any other information you would like us to know about?
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Mage (Zegis) Aplly
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