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 Azbest, ud lock

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PostSubject: Azbest, ud lock   Sun 5 Aug - 19:01

Character Information

Nick: Azbest
Level: 70
Class: warlock
Race: ud
Professions: ench/tailoring
- Rare Recipies: arcanoweave? =D
Done with Kara Pre-Quest?: yes
Gear: working on my battlecast/shadow's embrace combo =)
Alts: Nothing special, going to level a druid in the future

Real-life Information

Name: Žiga
Age: 17
Sex: don't do that / male =)
Nationality: slovenian

Other Information

Previous guilds (Why did you leave?): solace, deciipio... guilds fell apart
Raid Experience (Kara, Gruul's etc) : pre tbc experience, with some kara experience
Relations: inamo, sick, moxx
Other: Active, able to raid at least 5 days a week.
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PostSubject: Re: Azbest, ud lock   Sun 5 Aug - 23:35

Ye this guy here is my friend, not just from online world but in rl too. I know him and his play style pretty well since we've been playing from lvl 1 up together and did a lot of instances. He sure knows how to play his class. =)
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PostSubject: Re: Azbest, ud lock   Mon 6 Aug - 14:20

you got my aproval. and we need more active DPS. Last time we couldn't make a raid group because there wasn't 1 DPS.lame
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PostSubject: Re: Azbest, ud lock   

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Azbest, ud lock
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