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 Second Raiding Group

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PostSubject: Second Raiding Group   Second Raiding Group Icon_minitimeThu 2 Aug - 11:38

Yesterday, for the first time in guild's history, we were able to build 2 groups for Kara that raided almost at the same time (10 min time diff). And this despite of the latest crisis that we had and made us lose over 10 members. I am so proud of you, of us, of everybody that worked their asses out to make this possible. Special thanks to Papass that had immense lag but tried to keep up with the raid. He managed to never let us down. Until his connection let him down...

The next challenge will be to keep these two raidings groups along the week because the substitutions are no more available at this moment, each of us being saved in a different group. Lets try to keep it up, guys! You all did a great job!

Thanks to the whole 2nd grp: Moxx, Diaboliq, Anuubis, Blivion, Raro, Teroro, Thehuntard, Jinn, Babyball and Papass.

Also to the 1st group: Buff, Ullmannen, Estroy, Djoole, Geekfarm, Inamo Sickthing, Tearzz and Nissehlut.

Here are some pictures taken from Anuubis

Second Raiding Group Wowscr10
Second Raiding Group Maiden10
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PostSubject: Re: Second Raiding Group   Second Raiding Group Icon_minitimeThu 2 Aug - 12:32

Yup yesterday was probably the best kara day this guild had up till now... At least as long as I'm in. I'm really happy that we managed to put up 2 groups. Way to go o/
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Second Raiding Group
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